Third Wave Urban Transport Solutions

At Blue Duck Scooters, we are dedicated to providing commuters with fun, affordable, clean transportation alternatives. We have been working diligently for months with county, city and community leaders to develop a responsible dockless electric scooter solution.

As your hometown electric scooter company, Blue Duck renews its strong pledge to provide funding dedicated to the development of pedestrian, scooter and bike paths that would get San Antonio active again.

As part of this commitment, Blue Duck Scooters is today announcing a dedicated advocacy group in San Antonio: Third Wave Urban Transport Solutions. TWUTS will be headed by a member of San Antonio’s Tech and Transport Community with significant experience in the design-functioning, community-friendly urban corridors. TWUTS’s mission is to work directly with the leadership of the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, and its important community leaders to design and implement dedicated Scooter and Bicycle Lanes into the Urban Core, University Campuses, and Medical Center area.

Blue Duck Scooters is also announcing today that it has begun construction of its new corporate and business offices in San Antonio’s urban core. Located on Avenue A off Broadway near the Pearl Complex, the company expects to move from its temporary offices to its permanent location within the next 45 days. This again reinforces Blue Duck as a San Antonio- and Texas-based company deeply dedicated to its community and citizens.

We assure you–Blue Duck is a different kind of scooter company, We are committed to providing an exceptional user experience. We will never get so bogged down in operating the business of Blue Duck that we forget how fun it is to Fly Wild and Ride Free. But that fun will never come at the expense of public safety and legality.

Our riders and residents deserve the very best, most fun, and responsible encounters with Blue Duck Scooters. No matter what, we always pledge to provide them with this experience.