Ride Tutorial

Wear a Helmet
Follow your local laws and protect your noggin! One flight is all it takes to earn your free helmet.
Give it a Brake
Gradually squeeze the brake to safely reduce speed.
Give it Some Juice
Press the toggle to speed up. Release to slow down.
Best Foot Forward
Keep both feet flat and your dominant foot in front.
In For A Landing
Park your Duck out of the way, ready for the next rider.
Something Wrong?
Contact us through the app if your Duck is under the weather.

Rules of the Road

One Rider per Duck
We love it when you fly together, but it’s safest on separate Ducks.
Don't Stand Here
Keep feet off the rear fender. It’s dangerous and might damage your Duck.
Use the Bike Lane
Ducks aren’t faster than cars so steer clear.
Use Two Hands to Ride
Stay balanced and graceful on your flight by using both hands to steer.
Walk in Crowded Areas
Don't ride your Duck into a crowd of people: keep yourself and others at a safe distance.
Don't Text and Fly
A distracted rider is dangerous. Save texting for later.